Ramadan 1438

Wajebaat Appointments

  1. Visit the Online Reservation System
  2. Using your ITS number, setup your profile, providing some basic information and password
  3. Select a convenient and available appointment


  • Each head of the family must reserve a separate time slot
  • Please do not select the appointment date on the same day as your jaman
  • All forms must be completely filled, except amounts, prior to the appointment time
  • Appointments are first-come-first-served basis
  • Janaab Mukerram Bhaisaheb has requested that the entire family should come for Wajebaat Takhmeen

Essential Information

Statistics for Ramadan 1439

Thaals served - week 1

Thaals served – week 1

Thaals served - first daska

Thaals served – first daska

Ramadan 1438

Supplies for Jaman and Iftar

Ramadan 1437

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